Rinjani Trekking Packages


Tour Description:
You’re excited about the challenge to climb Mount Rinjani but only have a bit of time to spare? Then this 2 days & 1 night trek is for you! We start in Sembalun and trek through a savanna desert. Destination: the Sembalun Crater Rim, just a stone’s throw from the Rinjani summit. We have dinner with a stunning sunset gazing over Rinjani mountain. After a light breakfast we ascend Rinjani’s summit at 4am the next morning for an arrival at sunrise. Back from the mountain top we have a hearty 2nd breakfast before making our way back to Sembalun. Not for the faint-hearted! The 2 day & 1 night trek is recommended for experienced hikers & travellers that love a physical challenge.

Prices per person
2-3 Participants = USD250*
4-5 Participants = USD240*
6-7 Participants= USD225*
8-9 Participants = USD215*
10+ Participants = USD195 + 1 free of charge*
* USD10 per person environmental eco sustainability fee is added to ensure that your trash is taken down

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