Rinjani Trekking Packages


Tour Description:
Give yourself an extra day to take in the beauty of Rinjani National Park. The 4 days & 3 nights trekking package is a less hurried full trek with an extra night at the volcano lake. We start in Sembalun through the savanna desert to Sembalun Crater Rim camp. At 4am the next day we tackle the summit. As with the ‘See It All’ trek, we dip into the hot springs, however in this package we camp right at magical Segara Anak Lake, the volcano lake. Here you have the afternoon to go for a swim in the lake. The next morning we trek through the trees lining the crater up to our camp on the Senaru Crater Rim. On our last day we descend through the rain forest to Senaru. This trek is recommended if you want to take your time on the trek, love a volcano lake swim & can’t get enough of Rinjani’s phenomenal nature.

Prices per person:
2-3 Participants = USD385*
4-5 Participants = USD370*
6-7 Participants= USD360*
8-9 Participants = USD350*
10+ Participants = USD350 + 1 free of charge*
* USD10 per person environmental eco sustainability fee is added to ensure that your trash is taken down.

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